Friday, April 18, 2008

nEed sOme SeEds to pLant???...

hello everyone

The weather is nice i loved it!... today hubby promised to give me a ride we will buy some flowers in a near inexpensive store,there i could pick things(flowers) i like,colors i like as well,you can pick anything you like too bec.there's lots of stuff to choose from and guess what you get a good deal too.that's a wonderful thing to think about!....(hehehehe)

And to find some seed that you mostly like you can find anything & everything in this store,we've been there already and really its a good help and we trully loved that store,they have everything we need from okra down to squash etc.and they have website i know where to go find things that i needed rohrer seeds is the best store to visit with.

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