Sunday, April 20, 2008

pasenys na poh!!!...

Dear reader,

Things happened unexpectedly,everyday learned many things in which you able to treasured and cherish people whom you didnt meet before exchanging thoughts and ideas and perharps jokes maybe hehehe.i am from leyte (bisdak jud nga dako!.)shy type and love to eat rice and dried fish (peyboret baya tawn!..mao man naandan sa bukid.hehehe).hoping that my stay here would showered me wondeful new friends and understnd my english (gamay ra ako english nga baon gkan leyte..)

Friend of mine from southern leyte told me to joined this site in such time you'll earned wonderful things in here such as thought and ideas and make friends as well, as i started looking around yes she's right its interesting to be part of this wonderful oppurtunity.i hope i will have a wonderful stay in here with the help of a dear friend.

i need to go now guys its getting late..have a gud night evryone....

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