Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sorry guys don't have much time to visit your pages for a while it was because am taking my time earning little peso from my work(Busy working,kayud kalabaw talaga!) for me to earn a little in the future to help built my payag2(nipa hut) in the province which was being destroyed by typhoon "FRANK".Ganyan talaga ang buhay we never know what the future brings.Things happened unexpectedly lets all pray that somehow the victims and the victims family recieved justices.And that things were settled and problems solved no matter how we blamed whose faults who things happened unexpectedly.I know how painful it is losing someone you love prayers helps a lot in many ways.

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Tey said...

That's okey Helen, I am here to visit you even if you are somtimes caught up with normal busy days. Have a great weekend
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