Monday, June 16, 2008

oUr tRip

Its was a year ago when friends and i planned to visit Canada.We decided to go after a hard days of working of course need to save money for the trip especially now a days that gas gets a sky high already.We drove 7 hours goin there its a long ride really (hehehe) but anyways its a fun trip though.When i was young in my high school days our teacher had a lesson about beautiful places all over the world and infact Canada is one of them.And that i didn't realized and very unexpected that one day i'll gonna see and visit Canada GOD is really good all the time its a wonderful place.We visited Niagra falls had a wonderful time and was very amazed of how beautiful the falls is.It was hubby who helped us book our hotel online and set everything up for our trip.Hubby found the site in which great helped for us to find somewhere to stay and of course little cheaper too.Its was in this site when hubby found best hotels in Niagara falls and we decided to stay in the best western hotel.Its enexpensive one, people were very nice the accomodation and the everything under the sun .Best western hotel is a pet friendly one and its one block only to niagara falls.It says that Niagara falls has become one of the top travel destinations in the world.New and exciting attractions,restaurants and etc. its a beautiful place which we trully love and we had a wonderful and unforgetable trip.The maid of the mist ride which you experience to come closer by the falls,I didn't try the skylon tower though because am afraid of heights i choosed not to go with them.Then later at night we visited the wax museum and meet angelina jolie and many other famous celebrity and we wathed fireworks too near the falls.Its nice to stay there again really maybe in the future.

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