Wednesday, June 4, 2008

wAy bAcK tHeN

I lived in the province and nipa hut is my home.When i was young i've never experience having lots of times goin out and play with friends.I am young in an adult perceptions and thoughts in my early age obligation and worked lied down on my shoulder learned to stand on my own.learned to practically saves in a small way like for an instance in order for us not to buy fire woods(for cooking)i'll go and find some looking for a dried branches through our neighboorhood.No electric then so we're using lamparilya(it;s what we called)that need gas in order to have light.My grandma used to make our lamparilya its made of empty bottle soda or medecine with clothed in it.In the province where i grew up i started building up my dreams in life staring up in the sky and talked to the stars that someday i can fly and tounched the sky.I must admit life is very tough for me there's alwys up's and down's in my ways.But one thing i do alwys remember up's and down's make me standing still.


Joy said...

It sounds that we have the same experience Dhay... sos ambot lang pero ang kalisud maoy naghatag nako ug strength para makalampus ko ug college.

E-Tavasi said...

Long time ago my grandmother old house also just use nipah and bamboo... still use firewood ..the house was fun..and cold at night no need to use table fan.. our light also just using gas lamp... ohh i miss that house.. nice post here in your blog.. :D