Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FiRst aNd Last tAg

A Tag from Ummirosa. Thanks
Participants: 1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. Supermodel Wannabe 7. FunFierceFabulous 8. Filipino love stories 9. A Mom's Note 10. Tasteful Voyage 11. Cheerful's Journey 12. Bienvenue `a la Noryfel 13. Felicity's Visions 14. Inday's Kitchen 15. Embracing Health For Life 16. (your blog here...)

F I R S T :
* First real job: wla lang
* First screen name: hELeN
* First funeral: can't remember
* First pet: dog name"Ramboo"
* First piercing: dunno
* First tattoo: nhaaaa
* First credit card: dont know
* First kiss:hehehe
* First enemy: can't remember the name

L A S T:
* Last car ride: yesterday
* Last kiss: one hour ago with hubby

Tagging along :Bernadeth-Isaaac Story, Helen, and Saishin-Doodle with Crayons


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