Monday, May 19, 2008

dAy Off

Reason to smile about is because its my day off today.but i guess i can't spend the time the way i want it to be.Chores is waiting for me eagerly (hehehe).The laundry,cleaning and some other things that needs to be done(hay buhay).

Am glad almost done cleaning the house when my in law came over and handed me some coupon's.Its a big help for my next weekends grocery.I usually save some coupon's before going to the grocery its a big help really especially now a days all the prices gets high and high.Before twice a week we go to the grocery but we cut if off into once a week for we think maybe we can save a little this way.We planted some veges as well.


alf said...

ay, me too, i always clip coupons. at first my huuby don't believe in coupons but when he saw how much we saved from groceries one day. he was surprised!

hELeN said...

oo nga eh pahirap nga pahirap ang buhay ngayon ....hayyy!salamt s comment ha..MAy you have a blessed day alwys