Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One day afternoon a friend of mine invited us to go to her work site we have a free ticket that she actually bought for us.We went to DUTCH WONDERLAND a kingdom for kids they say.A nice and clean place, people were nice you'll able to see many things inside(rides) which am sure kids will trully love them.Line is quiet long you'll hear kids excitement about and begging thier parents to let them go and allow them to ran all over the place.But anywhere you go you're not allowed to leave your kids an attended.Some parents hold thier kids and some carried them.Were just listening on the other side parents is patienly explaining thier kids that in a few minutes they will finally able to get in, once things is settled.
When we fin'lly get in,feeling like a kid we are.You can see many things that all the amusements park can offer it may be for a kid only but hey adult like it too.We've tried number's of rides anyway.Wish we have a kid were next tym well bring them out and enjoy the place too.Place is fantastic for kids really.
They have different rides that am sure kids will keep asking thier parents to go along with them to the ride they like.Gondola cruise,sky ride and many other's .And celebrate parties too with them. Celebrate your love ones's especial day in a magical way.Enjoy and play with freinds and with friendly dragon,high five a Knight and with princess.and if your child love golf located adjacent to dutch wonderland they have Wonderland Mini golf.
Thanks to you my freind for inviting us even in a short moment we able to enjoy the place its totally awesome.feel like a kid for a while.Dutch Wonderland is a nice place wish my niece and nephew is close to me.(hayyy buhay)...check the place out. http://www.ducthwonderland.com/
Have a fantastic day everyone.

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