Thursday, May 29, 2008


A friend of mine invited me to watched a movie with her today.its a 20minutes drive to penn cinema.She said that she will shoulder everything so(onsa pa man ako huwaton libre na ni. uban jd ko.heheheh)i said"YES".On our way to the Movie house traffic is lined up police is busy driving over to the area where the accident was.We stayed in the middle of the line(traffic)little longer so we decided to find ways to get a short cut to be there at the movie house on time.
Luckily we arrived safely and on time we purchased the ticket bought some drinks and get in.It's been a while since i went to the movie house to watched because mostly just watched movie at home never go anywhere. We watched Indiana jones by the way its a nice movie though love it.
About the film:
INDIANA JONES and the kingdom of the crystal skull
The newest Indiana Jones adventure begins in the desert Southwest in 1957-the height of the Cold War.Indy and his sidekick Mac (Ray Winstone) have barely escaped a closed scrape with nefarious Soviet agents on a remote airfield.
Now,Professor Jones has returned home to Marshall College-only to find things have gone from bad to worse.His Close freind and dean of the College (jim Broadbent) explains that Indy's recent activities have made him the object of suspicion,and that the goverment has put pressure on the university to fire him.On his way out of town,Indiana meets rebellious young Mutt (Shia LaBeout),who carries both a grudge and a proposition for the adventurous archaeologist:if he'' help Mutt on a Mission with deeply personal stakes,Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaelogical finds in history-the Crystal Skull of Akatar,a legendary object of fascination,superstition and fear.
But as Indy and Mutt set out for the most remote corners of peru-a land of ancient tombs,forgotten explores and a rumored city of glod-they quickly realize they are not alone in their search.The Soviet agents are also hot on the trail of the Crystal Skull.Chief among them is icy cold,devastating beautiful Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett),whose elite military unit is scouring the globe for the eerie Crystal Skull,which they believe can help the Soviets dominate the world...if they can unlock its secrets.
Indy and Mutt must find a way to evade the ruthless Soviets,follow an impenetrate trail of mystery,grapple with enemies and freinds of questionable motives,and,above all,stop the powerful Crystal Skull from falling into the deadliest of hands.


shimumsy said...

nice movie. i just saw it this evening.

E-Tavasi said...

nice movie.. i want to watch indiana jones too :D