Thursday, May 1, 2008


I meet a freind from my hometown she's a daughter of my former english teacher way back home that was ohmmmppp couple of years ago hehehe,One day afternoon i recieved a letter from her through my freindster account she asked me how far is her fiancee's place from my place here (Us) that time she told me her interview is coming up and she said she's a bit scared and excited (i guess we all felt this way during are times!..)..
Yesterday my phone rung i thought its my co worker but am surprised that was the daughter of my teacher (high school teacher)!!!.we talked anything and eveything under the sun even in a short while ..We agreed to see each other in the near future if we're not that busy anymore...its a small world indeed...!!!..
thanks for the time guys...
Maayong adlaw sa tanan....

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