Thursday, May 8, 2008

yAhOo tEch

Good Morning Everyone,i usually got up early in the Morning to prepared hubby's lunch and the things he needed to work.I opened the computer and here's a very interesting news from yahoo brain game can boots IQ?,Lets find out.Here what yahoo says:,

According to one group of brain doctor's at the University of Michigan,at long lat a mental exercise has been discovered that could really make you smarter.Literally,If the researh is corect,the More you play and the harder you play it,the smarter you get.

LUMOSITY(Web).This Browser-based game offers about a dozen mini games,each designed to help with one area of cognition,Including memory,processing speed,attention span,and "cognitive control".Many games are surprisingly similar in design to the one in the Michigan study and some present a real challenge.($9.95 a month,pictured)

BRAIN CHALLENGE(Xbox live Arcade).Similar to Lumosity,this used to be a cell phone game that was ported to the xbox.A series of Minin-games asks you want comes next in a sequence of graphic designs,Count items quickly,do basic math question,and more.30 type of rapid-fire games are available.and your progress is tracked by the game over time.(800 points).

ROCKY & BULLWINKLE(Xbox Live Arcade).This Set of Wario are-like micro games are great for those looking to boots reaction time and improve eye-hand coordination.Nothing here is too complex(quick:clik the correct button in the next 2 seconds!),but it's all good for working on the"twitch"reflex.(800 points)

BLOKUS PORTABLE:STEAMBOT CHAMPIONSHIP(psp).This is challeging board game come to the PSP,offering a grid in which you have to place your Tetris-like pieces in such a way that they touch only on thier corners.It really works on your pattern recognition skills and gets exceptional tough when playing with a group of four.($20)

WILD EARTH;AFRICAN SAFARI(wii).($30).Not a brain game at all,but really little kids wont be able to manage the controls and strategies of most of the above titles.Still they shouldn't be left out of the fun.Wild Earth isn't exactly the Most thrilling title on the market,but youngers will enjoy looking at the animals on this virtual photo hunt while learning the names of all the beasts of the wild.Good for very small minds.($30).

Daily training over a varying period of time led to "significantly"increased IQ vs a control group,and the longer people played the game,the Higher their IQ got.

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