Sunday, May 4, 2008


Wikipedia says You Tube is a video sharing website were user's can upload,view and share video was created in mid-February 2005 by three former paypal employees...I am glad You tube was created its a fantastic idea,almost everyday i visited this site for my music interest love to watched video's and even show's (teleserye from ABS-CBN).or anything under the sun.
When i was still in the philippines i saw charice pempengco joined the search of "LITTLE BIG STAR" it's from ABS-CBN talent search for kids(of course my favorite station hehehe!)she's one of the finalist by the way,i thought she will win the grand prize but am wrong. One day TV patrol deliver the news about charice on "Ellen Degeneres show".she sung very very good really i wasn't expected that she will came that far even if she ddn't hit the grandprize...Didn't able to watched the whole story about charice's guesting of Ellen i turned on the computer and wathed everything at you tube.number's of guesting she appeared as well like on PAUL O'GRADY show,she went to korea and soon at oprah winfrey show which will be shown on MAY 15...she's with ASAP today singing her debut album which out already in the market....let's all show our support for charice.May all her dreams come true!

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