Friday, May 23, 2008

I signed up for ppp

Its like a big gift from heaven when a friend of mine helped me set my blog even if she's busy doin her own tasks too in blogging and taking care of her kid still she save time for me and helped me throughout.I find blogging very interesting to do were you able to learn things in different aspects.I wanted to be part of this wonderful opportunity that comes along my way i decided to make my own blog with the help of a dear friend.I learned payperpost from a friend who also a member of the site and now earning money already.hubby is the only one who worked and pay all the bills for this i wanted to helped him a little ways and to help my family way back home too.And i've been told to joined payperpost were they will provide great things from your blogs shared your opinions,thoughts,ideas,advertising and many other .Through blogging i able to meet friends already from all walks of life some came from the same place where i came from.If someday i will earn money from joining blogging and the payperpost it will be a great help.I will send money back home to help my brother's medecine he just arrived home from the hospital he needed financial and medecine assitance and food for my family.Being a bread winner in the family is a hard thing to think about my worked as a laundy aid is not enought to helped my family so i decided to joined here hoping that someday i will recieved some blessings too.Great things about here too is you able to learn many things from different people thier thoughts,ideas,friendship,love,music , opinions and experiences.
Thank you so much for the great opportunity and have a nice day.
May the LORD bless you always.

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alf said...

this time you will enjoy blogging especially when you see the $$$ coming. good luck. happy weekend.